Travis Perkins responds to flood crisis

Published:  27 November, 2009

CUMBRIA: Travis Perkins in Cockermouth has stepped up stock and transport to help residents with the massive clean up after the catastrophic floods this week.

Harry Bennett, the manager of the Travis Perkins branch in the town, said: "We sent out a truck distributing free sandbags when it all started, but whatever people did, it wasn't enough. The water was that high. Bags were piled up to three feet in front of doors, but the water just went through the windows. Places have just been devastated."

The branch, which is on higher ground, escaped the floods and is now gearing up for the repair work.

"Some roads have only been opened earlier this week and there's only one way in and out of Cockermouth, so my six mile journey to work, which usually takes a quarter of an hour, took an hour and 10 minutes," Mr Bennett said.

"We're now clearing space for all the products that will be in extra demand. We're getting in more timber generally, floorboards, battens, plasterboard and special chemicals for drying properties out, plus dehumidifiers from our nearest plant hire branch."

The outlet may also get in another vehicle and, while it is restricted during the week to its 8am-5pm hours, may be able to open longer on Saturdays to cope with demand.

Mr Bennett said it was being estimated locally that the clean up would take 12-18 months.

"The town just looks like a bomb hit it and I've been told that Carlisle took four years to get right after their floods, so this estimate seems about right. But things are now starting to move and there's a feeling we'll get through this together," he added.

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