Why are 'Add-ons' improving Forklift operations?

Published:  15 December, 2009

LEICESTER: “Even my car has a reversing sensor, yet many businesses fail to address the hazards and related costs associated with poorly reversed forklifts or other heavy plant,” remarks Paul Sercombe from Transmon Engineering. “In many cases there is limited visibility and exceptional power, a damaging combination that can easily be controlled.”

As Transmon Engineering launches a series of new devices to help improve the use and management of forklift trucks, the company claims that new ‘add-on’ technologies should be explored as a simple way to reduce cost, improve safety and increase energy performance.

Transmon designs and supplies electronic devices and systems to improve forklift truck fleets and has developed the ‘Active Zone Reversing System’ that can be added to any vehicle of any size. The system not only provides a visual and audible alarm as it gets closer to a person, object or structure such as racking, but it also automatically applies the brake at 0.7 to 0 metres. The distance limits are adjustable with warnings that can start at up to 7 metres, which get increasingly louder and change from green to amber to red.

“Drivers can lose concentration, particularly in busy, stop-start operations. Our systems can help managers so that they don’t have to rely completely on the experience and conduct of the driver,” Mr Sercombe says.

Daily checks and GPS

Another system recently launched by Transmon focuses on a driver’s daily check, to ensure that the fluids, chain and various other visual checks have been completed. Daily check paperwork can be a problem for fleet managers, which can sometimes be overlooked, leading to vehicle damage. The new feature on Transmon’s TDS5 fleet management system forces the driver to carry out the check, logging the time, date and driver details automatically, which reduces administration time.

Fleet management systems have also developed to a point where trucks can be fitted with GPS, reporting data directly back to Transmon’s secure servers without the need for an additional onsite hub.

“Transmon’s Fleetwatch can help plan truck servicing and leads to accurate invoicing on hours used in realtime. We can also identify exactly where a truck is at any given moment, helping to improve the security of the fleet.”

Transmon manufactures approximately 15 modular systems that help manage a forklift fleet, provide safety or protection, or assist with visibility.

“Add-ons from Transmon can significantly improve the performance of the latest or the oldest forklift trucks, helping to reduce cost, increase safety and be greener,” Mr Sercombe adds, explaining that large and small fleets of electric, diesel and LPG trucks can all benefit.

Transmon has been nominated as a finalist in the 2010 Forklift Truck Awards for its unique Zone speed Savure, which helps to automatically control the speed of a forklift in a specified area.

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