Nearly half of tradespeople interviewed for the Jewson Trade Trends 2023 report agreed that homeowners are now more likely to want to buy at least some materials and supplies themselves.

A growing number of tradespeople are experiencing homeowners wanting to purchase their own building materials for property improvement projects, according to new research.

Nearly half (48%) of tradespeople that were interviewed for the Jewson Trade Trends 2023 report agreed that homeowners are now more likely to want to buy at least some materials and supplies themselves – up from 40% in 2022.

However, only five per cent of tradespeople are in favour of homeowners buying all the materials for their project. The majority (79%) of tradespeople said they prefer to buy their own and 16% said they wanted to buy at least some of the materials themselves.

Lisa Young, Commercial Director at Jewson, said: “It can be a divisive question – should homeowners bypass tradespeople to buy materials themselves? Some homeowners may want to see materials in person and have control of what they’re spending, and price fluctuations might also lead to them wanting to research the best costs.

"However, often homeowners don’t have access to the choice, quality and prices that tradespeople do. Some of our customers have also voiced frustrations that homeowners might not order materials and products that are as readily available, leading to delays on site.”

The research, which saw over 500 tradespeople across the UK questioned, is available to view online