Michael Nicholls has been promoted to store manager of Kent Blaxill’s Norwich branch.

Mr Nicholls has been with Kent Blaxill for eight years and has worked his way up having joined as a van driver. Prior to joining Kent Blaxill, Mr Nicholls had wide experience in national sales, service and management.

Ron McConnachie, Kent Blaxill commercial director, said: “Michael is a testament to the Kent Blaxill ethos of finding young talent and helping them develop their careers. It is great to see Michael, another long serving loyal employee, step into a lead role where he is already making his mark with some exciting changes for the branch. Michael’s promotion is an inspiring example for ambitious staff to follow."

Mr Nicholls said: “I will be aiming to make the branch more user-friendly for both trade and retail customers, and as part of that we will be refitting and reorganising the branch in the coming weeks. The reorganisation and an improved purchase order system will enable us to serve more people more quickly. I will also be looking at expanding our product range. It is a long-term project but I am confident we will get there.”