TIMco has become the UK’s exclusive supplier to merchants and retailers for Fantom Hardware, creator of the award-winning Fantom Doorstop.

Fantom will be available to purchase from January 2019 and will sit among TIMco’s existing Veto Security Solutions range. It will also feature in TIMco’s 2018/19 catalogue.

Managing Director of TIMco, Simon Midwood said: “We’re always on the look-out for new, innovative and effective products that would sell well with our existing customer base. We’ve found just that with Fantom Doorstop and are excited to introduce the product to the UK market, where we have every confidence it will be a great success. This product will be launching at the start of 2019.

“Over the last three years we have grown our product range by more than 15% and worked hard to provide our customers with a single solution for all their product needs. By continuing to add new products to our portfolio and delivering excellent service we will continue to develop our reputation as the leading wholesale supplier that supports independent merchants and retailers.”

Mark Sellar, CEO and Founder of Fantom Hardware, added: “At Fantom Hardware we are very pleased to have partnered with such a long standing and reputable hardware distributor in TIMco. We have seen a huge demand for our Fantom Doorstop flagship product range and look forward to successfully supplying the UK and Ireland markets via TIMco's impressive network of stockists, specifiers, wholesalers and merchants.

"We look forward to long and successful relationship with TIMco well into the future and are excited to bring our innovative hardware to the UK and Ireland.”