Tarmac's building products division has announced that it is to boost manufacturing of Durox aerated blocks by reopening the second of its two existing factories at Linford, Essex, due to open in late 2017.

Changes in building codes over the last decade have focused on significantly improving the energy efficiency and thermal performance of UK housing stock, creating more cost-effective properties for homeowners. The very durable and highly thermally efficient nature of aerated blocks, like Durox, makes them a suitable construction material for the housing sector to meet these requirements.

The aerated blocks also have many other benefits over other construction methods. As well as excellent acoustic insulation and fire resistance properties, the blocks are very versatile, lasting the lifetime of a property yet allowing for easy alterations to properties.

Building Products managing director Mark Joel said: “This is exciting news for our business, and will ensure we are well placed to continue to meet customer demand for our high quality block products, and support delivery of UK future housing targets.

“Both our Durox and Toplite aerated block brands are not reliant on ash, as they use sand as their base raw material. Natural sand is readily available in the UK, enabling Tarmac to offer certainty of supply, consistent formulation and quality, as well as sustained availability of this key building material.”