Wrekin has expanded its market offering for the shipping, aviation and industrial industries, by creating its first F900 weight class manhole cover, bringing their cutting edge innovations to a new market offering.

The specialist civil engineering product manufacturer has expanded its range of manhole covers to include the brand-new Cargo F900. Expertly designed and tested to support loads weighing more than 90 tonnes – roughly equivalent to six and a half double decker buses or approximately 13 African elephants.

The cover utilises two main beams across its centre, as well as several smaller support beams, to offer extreme durability and reliability in the most demanding environments. Engineered from strong ductile iron, the new offering is tailored for group 6 traffic with constant vehicular activity.

Simon Turner, commercial director at Wrekin Products, said: “The demand for an F900 manhole cover of this kind from our merchant partners in recent times has been overwhelming. Cargo is therefore a natural progression of our leading range of ductile iron covers. There is clear need within key industries such as shipping and aviation for infrastructure support, and we’re excited to be able to provide assistance. We’ve used cutting edge technology, along with our experience and expertise, to create a cover that not only endures high stress from heavy loads but handles it easily.

“At Wrekin, we have spent decades collecting civil engineering knowledge to create the best quality products. In the Cargo F900, we utilise this effort to further upgrade the products’ offering by incorporating in the best features from our popular and robust Unite range.”

The Cargo F900 includes a safety keyway feature to prevent accidental disengagement of the lifting key during the handling process, a mechanical lifting hole for enhanced safety and easier installation, as well as an optional locking function for added security. Available in two sizes, the two variants include 600mm x 600mm and 685mm x 685mm – both are 150mm in depth.

For more information on the F900, visit: https://www.wrekinproducts.com/access-solutions/cargo/manhole-covers/f900