Your chance to feature in a BMN supplement that highlights the top performers in the merchant sector.

Last year BMN launched its inaugural supplement - A Year in Merchanting – and such was its success that we will be publishing a new version with the January 2024 issue of the magazine.

As well as featuring a breakdown of the leading UK merchants by turnover, employees and branches, a league table will include the most up-to-date financial details of the most successful merchants in the UK.

To be one of those highlighted in the special pull-out, BMN requires the following information:

  • Your business’ turnover for the most recent year-end
  • The calendar dates of your most recent year-end
  • Your business’ previous annual turnover (for comparison purposes to the most recent figures) 
  • The number of branches
  • The number of staff.

A Year in Merchanting will also offer each merchant the opportunity to share its thoughts on how 2023 has panned out and its views/plans for 2024?

Please provide your reflections/forecasts in no more than 300 words when you return the answers to the above questions.

A high-quality picture for illustrative purposes would also be required.

Please email BMN Editor Tim Wood at with the information requested by 30 November 2023.