Following consumer trends for more natural and authentic materials in the garden, Kelkay have seen huge success with their granite cobble mats and, in particular, the beautiful Granite Star Patio Kit launched last year.

Granite is one of the most durable choices for hard landscaping, harder than limestone or even marble, and highly resistant to acid erosion from rainwater or cleansing products. Together with its attractive natural appearance, speckled with quartz and feldspar crystals, its’ hard wearing properties have made it an increasingly popular choice for consumers creating modern and contemporary garden designs.

To help retailers take advantage of this emerging trend, Kelkay have now extended the Borderstone Granite range to include 400mm x 400mm paving in both dark and light grey options. Priced competitively with other natural stone materials individual slabs retail at £7.99 and are also available on a multibuy at £15 for two.

Employed in combination, the two colours provide huge potential for creating unique and striking hard landscape projects in small and large gardens, and the textured surface of Kelkay’s granite gives it an extra benefit of a safe non-slip surface even when wet.

Exploiting another growing trend in the hard landscaping sector, there will also be two individual 300mm granite stepping stones in the new range; available in both dark and light grey granite they will retail at £6.99 or £12 for two.

In common with all Borderstone products, the new Granite range is available on Kelkay’s unique merchandising system which makes it easy to position and stock in the retail space, and it’s fully supported with the usual high impact point of sale. The paving is supplied in 92 slabs per pallet, whilst the stepping stones, designed to be displayed at an angle to show off the beautiful textured surface, are supplied on pallets of 78.