The new After Tile® range from Everbuild – A Sika Company is designed to make caring for and maintaining tiled areas quick, simple and hassle free. Consisting of seven products focusing on the key areas of care, this range is just what the market has been waiting for.

Included in the range is After Tile® Mould Remover Spray, a ready to use, sprayable solution to remove black mould growth, fungus and algae in areas of high humidity including bathrooms, kitchens and wetrooms. It is available in a 1ltr sprayable bottle and can simply be sprayed on the affected area and left to work before washing away with no scrubbing required.

Another essential product within the range is After Tile® Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner, a high performance concentrated cleaner for use on most types of walls and floor tiles. Its highly effective, lemon scented formula can be used for the removal of general dirt, grime, grease and soap scum when diluted 25ml per 5ltr bucket of warm water and is easily moped or wiped over the tiles and grout.

Other products in the range include Porcelain and Marble Impregnating Sealer which invisibly protects unpolished porcelain, marble and other porous tiles; Grout Reviver to restore tired looking grout back to its original colour; Grout Film Remover a citric based remover designed to remove wet and cured grout, adhesive residue, lime scale and cement film; Natural Stone Tile Restorer which is an easy to apply polymer based emulsion for restoring the original appearance of tiles and finally Tile and Grout Impregnating Sealer which has been specially developed to provide effective protection on natural stone, cementitious substrates, grout, marble, terracotta and much more.

All of the products within the range are ideal for use with the Everbuild and Sika ranges of tile adhesives.

For further information on After Tile® or any other product from the Sika or Everbuild ranges, visit, contact your local sales representative or call the Everbuild – A Sika Company, sales office on 0113 240 2424.