APHC is encouraging all SMEs to consider applying to the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) to help them invest and strengthen their businesses.

Created in 2011, the fund contains millions of pounds of government funding available for eligible SMEs that wish to invest in and strengthen their business, create or protect jobs or build on existing creativity. The funding is available through local RGF programmes to give eligible SMEs grants or loans in a range of locations and sectors.

RGF programmes are run by national or local organisations which have been awarded RGF cash to offer grants and loans to businesses. Grants and/or loans are often based on specific criteria, which will need to be considered before making an application.

Esther Harries, commercial manager at APHC, commented: “The RGF is an innovative way for SMEs to gain access to additional funding to help them diversify with new areas or create new positions. With the popularity of the Green Deal increasing and the introduction of new technologies into the industry, a grant or loan from the RGF may be the help a small business needs to compete in these new areas. I would encourage all SMEs looking to expand or grow their business to look at the RGF options available in their area.”

RGF programmes are often run by public/private partnerships such as local authorities, or a university or college working with a local enterprise partnership. For details of the RGF programmes in your area, visit the website: https://www.gov.uk/regional-growth-fund-a-guide-for-small-and-medium-enterprises-smes or telephone the BIS Regional Growth Fund team on 020 7215 6758, 020 7215 1691 or 020 7215 1589.