Virtual Worlds has launched an augmented reality app that enhances showroom displays and enables consumers to try before they buy.

Bringing product brochures to life and aiding retailers in the never-ending battle of showroom configuration, Virtual Worlds AR enables any display model to be instantly sourced, by transforming the entire Virtual Worlds library of branded 3D product models into real-world assets.

Retailers can obtain any product from the extensive product library simply by placing it into a room design and creating an AR code. Then on an iPad or iPhone, the product can be placed on display, showing how it will look on the showroom floor.

Giving showrooms an interactive element, Virtual Worlds AR enables consumers to see how different configurations and finishes will look. By assigning a selection of products the same code all of the available sizes and colour options within a particular category can be visualised, enabling consumers to make informed choices and avoid buyer’s remorse.

The app is free to download and use for Android and Apple users and allows anyone to scan AR codes and visualise products.