Abloy UK has appointed Hinna Khan, Matt Pendlebury, and Tim Remment, who will be showcasing the company’s digital access control portfolio.

Khan becomes Market Development Manager for Critical Infrastructure, specialising in the Water sector. Her role involves looking after key accounts for the south region, growing opportunities with existing customers and creating relationships with potential new customers.

She brings a wealth of experience to the role, with over 15 years’ within mechanical security and digital access control, including cloud-based solutions.

Khan said: “I’m keen to meet with key decision makers in the Water sector and showcase the capabilities of Abloy’s more advanced digital solutions.

“Abloy has a rich heritage of supplying mechanical security solutions in this environment, however we want to demonstrate the additional benefits that can be gained from digital access control.”

Remment has been named Corporate and Commercial Business Development Manager, handling customers in a wide and varied scope of environments, from office spaces to industrial units, and multi-occupancy buildings such as apartments and student accommodation.

He started his career in the construction sector, undertaking various roles from working onsite through to account management, securing several big-name brand accounts. Following this, he studied computer science, and went into roles in sales management, multi-site management, IT liaison, and security.

He explained: “My goal is to understand the individual user case scenario of a customers’ organisation, and advise on relevant products and services and how to integrate them with existing systems. Relationships are a key focus, and my aim is to build trust through comprehensive consultancy. 

“Solutions such as Incedo, Aperio, and SMARTair are integral to this, and with such a vast scope of solutions in our portfolio to suit all requirements, it is easy to create a bespoke access control solution to meet customer needs – whatever they might be.”

Pendlebury has been appointed Market Development Manager for Critical Infrastructure, specialising in the Energy sector.

Following the completion of his Business Marketing degree, he began working for a smart access control company, where he grew his knowledge and understanding of specifying solutions for markets such as Hotels and Leisure, Commercial, and Education.

He has experience working on high-profile accounts, understanding the challenges faced by a specific organisation and recommending the most effective access control system to best suit their needs.

One of Pendlebury’s core skills is helping to implement and integrate a range of different access control products into one solution, often on projects spanning several sites in locations across the UK.

He said: “Abloy’s reputation within the industry attracted me to this role, and I knew of them as a market leader, world renowned for high quality and high security solutions.

“It’s a company I was keen to be part of, and I look forward to forging relationships with the big energy providers and help them overcome operational struggles by shifting from mechanical to digital access solutions.

“In particular, our PROTEC2 CLIQ system and BEAT digital padlock can help the Energy sector to manage access in a more agile and flexible way with the use of mobile credentials.”