Insulation company Actis has launched a range of bite-size ‘how to’ video guides to help builders tackle specific installation issues in seconds.

The 30-second guides to installing its Hybrid range are available on the company’s website and cover a range of scenarios involving the installation of each of Actis’ three Hybrid products – Hybrid insulation, vapour control layer HControl Hybrid and breather membrane Boost’R Hybrid.

Issues addressed include how to create an air gap, how to join products at a junction or window, how to measure and cut accurately and how to overlap materials in roofs and windows.

The clips follow the launch of Actis’ You Tube channel, which contains more in-depth step-by-step guides covering a range of insulation scenarios.

Actis UK marketing manager Stephane Renot explained: “The YouTube channel is proving really popular with merchants, who find it helpful when explaining to customers how quick and easy the Hybrid range is to use. It’s also of immense use to builders wanting to check things before they start work.

“Some of the feedback we were getting was that it would be really handy, in addition to the more detailed films, to have incredibly quick snippets showing very specific aspects of the installation process which fitters could access easily mid installation by checking them out on their iPads while they’re on site.”