Adaptavate has welcomed Matt Roughton as Head of Operations.

Roughton was the Associate Director of Operations at GDS Instruments, and has both ILM 7 qualification in Leadership and Management, and ILM 5 in Service Improvement.

Commenting on his appointment, he said: “Having been a key member in a company transitioning from small business with big ideas to larger company, I felt that helping Adaptavate tackle similar challenges as they grow and aim to make a massive impact on not only the industry, but the environment was a great opportunity and fit for my skills and passion.”

Tom Robinson, CEO and founder of Adaptavate, added: “Right from the start, it was clear that Matt could be a game changing Adaptavator.

“We want to build a business that meets ambitious milestones alongside prioritising the wellbeing of our team. I believe that this is the foundation from which a successful business of the future is built, and with his time-tested experience, Matt is ready to deliver. We are excited to welcome him aboard.”