Improving the look of your property can make a real difference to its value and windows are a huge part of the aesthetics of a building.

While it is a cheaper option, getting that authentic look with uPVC can be difficult, especially if it is an older house. Consequently, more and more people are looking to wooden sash windows, not only for their appearance, but their flexibility too.

Unlike wood, uPVC is prone to discolouring over the longer term. This is because the materials they are made of are porous, which results in them absorbing pollution, causing them to yellow. In contrast, wooden sash windows can be painted to maintain their freshness. Alternatively, if you want to keep up with the latest trend, you can simply give them a new lick of paint.

Yorkshire based, Patchett Joinery, which specialises in making sash windows, is a champion of the value of wood for maintaining the character of a property. Being slimmer and lighter in their design than uPVC, sash windows are more elegant without compromising on the quality of insulation provided by double glazing.

Not being a sealed unit, wooden sash windows can be replaced in part if they are damaged. This means you don’t need to go to the expense of buying an entire window unit should the need arise.

Another benefit of sash windows is the up and down opening mechanism. As they don’t open outwards, there’s no need to stretch over units or furniture to open the window. To top it off, wooden sash windows come in a range of colours so you can be sure you get the perfect match for your home.