Woburn Golf Club is all set for whatever the weather may bring, thanks to Sportag, Aggregate Industries’ drainage material.

Launched last year, Sportag is a lightweight, sustainable aggregate made from Lytag’s secondary aggregate, which offers a solution for land drainage applications, particularly in sports grounds, pitches or on golf courses, due to its rounded shape and material properties.

Sportag is absorbent and gives hydraulic conductivity thereby reducing the risk of flooding. It is able to transmit water up to 10 times faster than gravel, making it a suitable choice for use in fairways on golf courses where firm dry surfaces are critical.

Completed during August 2017, Sportag was installed within trenches 25mm wide, spaced 2m apart and at a depth of 300mm. The course was immediately available for use, and damage to the course was minimal, keeping disruption to a minimum.