As part of its on-going commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, Altecnic has significantly invested in a new consolidated business platform to improve communications with its customers.

The Electronic Data Interchange platform from Wesupply will seamlessly integrate with six of Altecnic’s key customers allowing it to offer a single order portal which will deliver transaction efficiencies and increase visibility of order and invoice delivery.

Commenting on the investment, Simon Grocott, operations manager, said: “We are always looking at ways to strengthen and build relationships with our customers. This new consolidated EDI platform will allow us to improve how we interact with our customers and ensure we’re delivering the best possible services and products.

Reducing customers’ administrative costs by improving purchase order and invoice matching as well as giving them greater control over order tracking, the EDI also has proven integration links which mean there is no need for any adjustments to customers’ current EDI platforms allowing a seamless transition to Altecnic’s new system.