Arctic Hayes is implementing training partnerships with key colleges across the country.

The combined crises of the pandemic and Brexit have exacerbated the skill shortage faced by the construction industry; something that needs urgent attention if the industry is to expand at the rate it needs to.

As part of the effort to train new people, Arctic Hayes is enabling colleges to include specialist pipe freeze training as part of their student’s curriculum.

Students will be able to see live demonstrations, take part in a Q&A session and attain a certificate of completion to enhance their course qualifications.

Pipe freeze technology offers engineers a convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for various plumbing issues, while its ability to save time, preserve system integrity, and minimise disruptions makes it a valuable asset for installers seeking efficient and reliable methods for pipe installations and repairs.

Niall McGuckin, Business Development Executive at Arctic Hayes, commented: “Investing the time and expertise in upskilling students has never been more vital. We are delighted to be partnering with colleges across the country to offer expert pipe freeze training to their students and help enhance learning.

This introduces students to new technologies and practices, fostering innovation and adaptation to changing industry trends; not only helping to pave their path to a promising career but also serving as a crucial solution to help address the skills shortage.”

Daniel Richards from Harrow College, added: “After discussing with Niall the Plumbing Level 2 and 3 course needs for the students, he attended Harrow College to demonstrate to the groups how to use the pipe freezing kit.

“We have set up a training bay for the students to use and incorporated this as part of our City and Guilds Level 3 Plumbing course. Adult learners have also had the chance to use the training bay which has been a real benefit for all.”