Ariston has welcomed the new global agreement – the Glasgow Climate Pact – which was reached at the recent COP26 summit.

A key part of the event, the Pact sets out plans for countries all over the world to cut emissions further and faster during the next ten years.

Commenting on the events of COP26, Victoria Gutierrez, Head of Marketing at Ariston, said: “Climate change is a profoundly serious matter, so it was pleasing to see so many nations come together as one to discuss and take action to do what is best for the planet. At Ariston, we welcome the news there has been an agreement to cut emissions faster this decade, with the commitments to phasing out coal power, ending deforestation and cutting methane emissions certainly setting the wheels in motion towards a zero-carbon future.

“While there is still a long way to go in order to ensure the rise in global temperature is limited to 1.5°C, the world has reiterated its commitments to help make this target a reality. Although the situation is not going to change overnight, it is pleasing to see the majority of countries taking bolder steps along the road to sustainability. This ethos and commitment are key – and should definitely be embraced by all manufacturers throughout the heating and hot water industry.”

She continued: “At Ariston, we already have a family of sustainable and efficient products designed to help make a significant contribution towards reducing energy consumption and environmental impact, without sacrificing comfort. We contribute to the conservation of our planet by affording access to the most efficient technologies and the best services all over the world.

“Indeed, as a company, we have placed energy efficiency at the heart of our strategy, with our high efficiency technologies already saving the equivalent of 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide since 2018. We are committed to helping homeowners reduce their carbon footprints and continue to invest significantly in the research and development of innovative and eco-friendly products, across heating, hot water and renewable technologies. It is imperative we embrace sustainable technologies to ensure a zero-carbon future for everybody.”

Last year, Ariston Group revealed 72% of its revenues already came from highly efficient and renewable technologies, with the business also expanding its investment in the research and development into sustainable products by nearly 30%, according to the Ariston Group Sustainability report 2020.