Istanbul is the venue for the not--to-be-missed event between 15 and 18 June 2023, hosted by sport and lifestyle presenter Mark Durden-Smith.

For the first time, the Builders Merchants Federation Conference will take place on two continents and yet remain in a single fascinating city - Istanbul. 

Divided by the Bosphorus Strait – now spanned by the Bosphorus Bridge – and boasting a history dating back to the 7th Century BC, Istanbul is a melting pot of many civilisations.

A magical meeting place, where East meets West, this unique city provides the ideal backdrop to explore the 2023 Conference theme, Creating Connections.  

The builders' merchant sector thrives on networking and relationships and has long been adept at creating connections between merchants and building material producers.

In today’s post-Brexit, post-pandemic environment, creating and nurturing connections has never been more important and the conference will help the industry to negotiate new trading relationships, and successfully navigate increasingly complex global supply chains.

These themes will be explored in a full Conference business programme, hosted by Mark Durden-Smith, the sport and lifestyle presenter.

The trip will also provide ample time for attendees to explore over 2,500 years of Istanbul’s history, culture and traditions in its vibrant bazaars, magnificently decorated churches, mosques and palaces, and to sample its diverse and delicious cuisine.

"We are determined to ensure the sustainability of our 2023 Conference, said John Newcomb, BMF CEO, and Richard Hill, BMF Chairman.

"The Swisshotel, The Bosphorous, was selected both for the quality of its accommodation and its commitment to sustainability. We have also pledged to limit our operational impact by using local suppliers, reducing shipping costs and emissions, reducing single use materials and using recyclable materials for branding and signage.

"However, those attending will need to travel and we recognise that these journeys inevitably contribute to global carbon dioxideemissions. To offset emissions, the BMF will plant a tree for every person attending the event.

All sponsorship queries and registrations should be sent directly to June Upton at

The video that revealed it all during the NMBS conference in Sorrento.