The SMART Tool Group are delighted to announce that their latest award winning range of long-life multi-tool blades, the Purple Series, has had a truly impressive impact on the Multi-tool solution they offer!

The team put this down to the fact that, as specialists in multi-tool blades, the Purple Series has been specifically designed to provide the solution for any professional tradesman to use on almost every task.

Every Purple Series Multi-tool blade has exactly the same tooth technology, to save any confusion over what the blade is capable of.  They have been expertly developed to not only provide a very fast, precise, clean cut in timber (the most common use of the tool), but also outlast any other Bi-Metal blade when it comes to cutting through nails, copper pipe and even screws! (the biggest killer of a blade!).  This has really helped set the Purple Series apart from any other range!

For more information on the multi-tool ranges available from SMART visit or simply contact SMART’s UK team on and let them help you discover the very best blade solution for your customer base.  Now that’s SMART!