BLANCO’s stunning new stainless steel QUATRUS sink showcases the company’s well-known intelligent design capability while making maximum use of the cabinet.

The striking, modern rectangular bowl of the QUATRUS sink offers plenty of space for all the user’s culinary and utility needs while leaving lots of free space in the cabinet.

The large sink space is also perfect for today’s clever taps; it can be fitted with boiling-water taps and filter taps to provide an optimal functioning kitchen and, to create a spectacular focal point, homeowners can opt for an angular tap as the shape complements the deep rectangular bowl.

Additionally, both aesthetics and functionality are amplified through the off-set drain. This not only hides the drain out of sight; it also enables the homeowner to make the most of the rest of the sink, for food preparation or soaking dishes or whatever else they may need, without blocking the drain. 

The undermount installation also allows for greater flexibility with different work surfaces as the edge of worktops can be blended over the top of the sink frame to produce a seamless finish.

Available in two different sizes, BLANCO QUATRUS 550-U and the slightly larger BLANCO QUATRUS 700-U, the sink design is the perfect complement in any kitchen scheme.

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