BLM British Lead have announced the launch of three new products, Site Wipes, Hall Clip + and Hallhook, during July as part of its continuing efforts to strengthen support for roofing contractors and Leadworkers.

Site Wipes are designed to reduce Lead particles on hands for contractors working on site without access to soap and water.

With the benefit of an added grime remover, Site Wipes also offer all-round general purpose use, removing grease, lubricants, adhesives and oils to name a few.

Additionally, the Hallclip +, for fixing Lead flashings into a wider chase, and the Hallhook, for replacing broken slates, will join BLM’s extensive ancillary product range.

Russ Taylor, Sales Development Manager at BLM, said: “We are pleased to make these additions to our range. The Hallhook is a great product and although not directly related to Leadwork, it will add value and convenience for our customers.”