Major certification body BM TRADA has undergone a global corporate rebrand that will, for the first time, unite its different divisions under a shared name and visual identity.

Historically, the group has delivered its services through a number of individual companies – BM TRADA Certification, TRADA Technology, Chiltern International Fire and Chiltern Dynamics – and a network of international offices. However, from the beginning of this month, the BM TRADA Group and these individual companies have adopted a shared visual identity and are trading under BM TRADA.

The rebranding, which has been three years in the planning, includes a new company logo and certification marks, as well as the slogan: “When experience matters”.

The body — which specialises in independent certification, testing, inspection, training and technical services for the timber, building, energy, fire, food and furniture industries — says that the rebrand is the largest to take place since the company's formation in 1934 and will help “simplify and strengthen” the customer experience.

The rebrand will not involve any change in ownership of the organisation or management.

A spokesperson for the group said: “We are delighted to announce our new corporate identity, which marks the largest rebranding exercise ever undertaken by the group and represents a significant step forward for our business.

“We have a long and distinguished history for our services and industry-leading expertise, which are highly valued by clients across the world, but we have found that having a number of individual identities has occasionally proven confusing to customers.

“In an already complex business area, clarity and simplicity in communications are valued. With this in mind, we have brought our different companies together under the name BM TRADA and taken the opportunity to create a fresh new visual identity.

“We have also introduced new and distinct certification marks for clients of our certification services and a new slogan which brings the strengths of our existing companies and in-house experts to the fore.”

The new branding came into effect on 1 July and includes BM TRADA signage, documentation and websites. The validity of all documents previously issued by the individual companies including certificates, test reports and product assessments is unaffected by the change.

The spokesperson added: “Our company rebranding both modernises our image and combines our strengths. However, our values, our people and the integrity of our services remain the same.”