European Forests Week, which promotes sustainable forestry in Europe, saw the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) and SCA Timber Supply come together on 9 December at the BMF’s headquarters to plant trees for the future.

The spruce seedlings came from SCA’s tree nursery in Sweden.

Antony Considine, consortia manager at SCA was joined in the planting by John Newcomb, managing director of the BMF.

“Sustainability is high on the agenda for members of the BMF. Reducing waste, providing certified timber to customers, recycling and reducing transport are integral to promoting profitable business, and to responsible merchanting in the 21st century,” Mr Newcomb said.

“As a BMF supplier member, SCA’s regular tree plantings with merchants have helped our members to demonstrate their sustainability credentials in their local communities. European Forests Week is the Federation’s opportunity to put down roots in the future by planting trees from SCA in Sweden here at our Coventry headquarters,” Mr Newcomb added.

European Forests Week is a campaign supported by 15 international partners including the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, of which the SCA Group is a member, and timber certification organisations including both the Forest Stewardship Council and PEFC.