Talent Development is the Builders Merchants Federation’s (BMF’s) new leadership and team development programme to help builders’ merchants to grow existing and future leaders.

The BMF has linked with PGS Team to deliver this exciting programme, which can be tailored for individual merchant and supplier businesses. The programme has been honed over the last 12 years, during which time PGS Team has built a leadership and high performance team building practice that specialises in building resilience and elite behaviour in business leaders.

Talent Development takes a ‘whole systems approach’. This considers the links between three crucial elements – business results, team performance and individual growth. At times these elements are considered independently, at others the focus is on how they overlap.

Richard Ellithorne, BMF’s membership services director, said: “A lot of businesses and organisations concentrate their people development on product and technical knowledge. They promote the people who are best at this into team leaders or management positions without giving much consideration to the support they will need in their new role. Leadership Development turns that idea on its head and provides a more focused development plan that challenges people to maximise their potential.”

Kevin Parr, managing director of PGS Team, added: “We believe that each individual progressing into a leadership role should be given the best possible chance of success and that means a tailor made programme for personal development. We specifically look at an individual’s ability to lead in change and uncertainty.”

Rawle Gammon and Baker Holdings (RGB) has already experienced the dramatic difference that the Talent Development programme can make.

Kevin Fenlon, chief executive officer of RGB, said: “Talent Development has inspired even higher levels of sustained engagement and enthusiasm within RGB. In the competitive market that we operate in, it is great to work with somebody who understands the diversity and challenges of our industry.”

For further information about the Talent Development Programme, email james.spillane@bmf.org.uk.