UK: The BMF has confirmed new merchant subscription rates from 1 April 2012, which will see a large reduction in costs for most members.

The cost of membership will fall by approximately 30% or more for many merchants, with no reduction in the services they most value. Other types of membership are largely unchanged i.e. suppliers, distributors and service members.

This follows the BMF Board’s recent structural review of the organisation to ensure that the needs of the merchant industry are best served for the next decade.   The consequent re-launch will see the BMF headquarters moving from London to a central Midlands location, and a renewed emphasis on the training and support services and lobbying activity that are most valued by members. 

Commenting on the subscription changes, BMF chairman, Terry Parker, said: “In today’s uncertain economic trading conditions everyone is looking for value for money and builders’ merchants are no exception.  We understand that margins are being squeezed, so we looked at how we could help by reducing the overall cost of BMF membership.

“We are delighted that we are able to offer this immediate financial support but, just as importantly, the subscription bands are now clear, simple and predictable.  The previous system involved a complex calculation based on each merchant member’s actual turnover, so they never knew in advance how much their subscription would be.”

He added: “We also hope to welcome back some members who left in the past owing to high costs and add new members now it is more affordable.”

The new simplified rates have just eight bands and merchant members can see at a glance their rate for the coming year.

Annual Total Turnover


Under £1m


Under £2m


Under £5m


Under £12.5m


Under £50m


Under £100m


Under £250m


Over £250m

£15 000

Merchant members may also choose to receive printed copies of all BMF publications by post for a flat rate charge of £85 per branch.  Alternatively, they may receive the same information emailed in a digital format free of charge.

Added Mr Parker: “I will be writing personally to each merchant member to explain their new subscription rate.  We do not envisage any merchant member paying more under the new banding system.  It is likely that mid-sized merchants, the core of our membership, will benefit most and typically the majority will pay 30 to 50% less than last year.”