The BMF is one of over 80 industry bodies supporting the launch of Our Shared Understanding: a circular economy in the built environment.

Our Shared Understanding is a global initiative calling for a new approach to sustainability in the built environment. It sets out the reasons why all sectors and disciplines must work together to enable a circular economy in the built environment, optimising the use of resources and reducing waste. It offers a summary of core concepts that inform the transition to a circular economy. By holding these principles in common, businesses and organisations can align policies, strategies and initiatives, enabling the built environment industries to work together towards a more sustainable future.

The Construction Products Association, CO2nstructZero, the Construction Leadership Council, the Department for Business and Trade, the Environment Agency, and the Mineral Products Association are also among the organisations supporting the initiative. 

John Newcomb, BMF CEO, said: “The circular economy focuses on a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ process, and Our Shared Understanding calls for collective action to put circular principles at the heart of how we design, manage, build and use our existing buildings and infrastructure.

“The initiative is designed to address global challenges such as achieving net zero emissions, providing climate resilience, protecting biodiversity, and enabling social equity.” 

The BMF sees supply chain collaboration as a key element to drive change towards a more sustainable industry. As well as facilitating a regular Sustainability Forum to share best practice and sustainable solutions on issues such as single use pallets, the trade body has encouraged members to participate in CO2nstructZero, the construction industry’s zero carbon change programme, with over 30 merchants and suppliers now assessed and accepted as CO2nstructZero Business Champions.

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