The debate will centre on the ongoing issues faced by builders’ merchants and construction materials suppliers as they strive to keep the sector on track throughout the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Builders’ Merchants News is teaming up with Bristan, Britain’s number one for taps and showers, to host a virtual round table discussion on Tuesday 10 November 2020.

Held via a virtual meeting platform from 2pm onwards, Bristan Group Vice President of Sales, Ian Hansell, and Trade Sales Director, Gareth Griffiths, will be joined by a select group of industry professionals from merchant and supplier management positions, including John Newcomb, CEO of the Builders Merchants Federation.

Topics will be posed in a discussion format chaired by Tim Wood, BMN Editor. Questions lined up to address include:

  • How well do you think the merchant sector as a whole has coped with Coronavirus?
  • How has your business adapted to deal with Coronavirus and what positives have resulted from the changes implemented?
  • What were the major challenges faced during the pandemic and did you overcome them so your business benefitted?
  • What have you done to ensure products have been made available and staff have been trained properly to ensure customers get the right levels of support?
  • Online shopping has increased during the pandemic, so how did your business adapt systems to cope?
  • How has your relationship changed with manufacturers during Coronavirus?
  • What does the future hold for the merchant and manufacturing sectors?

The debate will be videoed, recorded and transcribed and will appear in Builders’ Merchants News as a printed article in the November/December issue, while soundbites and the full video will be used across the websites and social media platforms of both BMN and Bristan.

“As we head into the Winter and prepare for whatever the next phase of the pandemic brings, now is the time to come together and share lessons learnt from the first wave," said Ian Hansell Bristan Group Vice President of Sales. "We are committed to listening and working with merchants to keep business flowing for our customers. I do hope you’ll join us.”