BSW Building Services has made two appointments to its new marketing team. Sean Kember and Jessica Hicks will aim to build BSW's profile in the South East.

Mr Kember holds the role of new business development executive. He has been at Haywards Heath-based BSW for a year and has experience in the retail, banking and insurance sectors.

“Joining BSW has been one of the best decisions of my career and this is an exciting new opportunity which I am relishing. The aim is to raise awareness of BSW in the local and wider areas, to build on the reputation and professional image of the company – and of course to increase profitability in key areas of the business,” Mr Kember said.

Ms Hicks, appointed as bid manager, has taken the new role after eight years of experience in the social housing construction industry. She was previously a bid manager for Viridor which specialises in waste management.

Commenting on her new role, Ms Hicks said: "“I have already found that BSW is a great place to work. It’s a company that cares about the community and has a real family atmosphere. It is also hugely respected and valued by its customers – so the challenge is to build on that goodwill to expand the business in the coming years.”