BSW Timber has provided home-grown Scottish timber for a Salvation Army Lifehouse in an Edinburgh suburb.

The “Sitooterie”, located in the gardens of the Ashbrook Lifehouse in the city’s Trinity area, is a wooden outdoor structure that gives residents protection from the elements while also providing an eye-catching addition to the garden’s tree-lined setting.

BSW Timber worked closely with design and build specialists Tog Studio to provide treated Scottish Easi-edge C16 timber and Timeless Timber Brushwood cladding for the bespoke structure. The Sitooterie frames were prefabricated in Glasgow at the MAKLab before being assembled during a weekend working closely with the Lifehouse residents.

The project was masterminded by Richard Campbell, structural engineer, co-founder and director of Tog Studio. He said: “This has been a wonderfully collaborative project, bringing together a range of partners to create an instant and striking impact for the Salvation Army Lifehouse.

“Tog Studio’s ethos is on teaching practical building skills and collaborative teamwork for real projects in beautiful locations, and the Sitooterie project was a perfect example of how innovative partnerships can produce stunning results. BSW’s larch cladding and treated Easi-edge timber fitted the bill perfectly, combining easy construction with major aesthetic appeal.”

BSW’s marketing manager Eve Johnson added: “The Sitooterie is a genuine one-off and provides a unique showcase for the quality and appeal of our home-grown timber. Its design is flexible yet simple, bringing a striking addition to the supportive environment created by the Salvation Army Lifehouses.”