The Ringmer branch of Chandlers Building Supplies received a very special and surprising delivery when a nest of chicks was found in a stack of bricks.

The chicks’ mother had built the nest in what she thought was a safe and secure place, not knowing that the bricks would be moved 270 miles from Leeds to Sussex.

Quick thinking Chandlers' staff took the nest to Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, which is next door to the Ringmer branch, where the wildlife hospital team has been caring for the chicks.

Cassie Tong, wildlife team member at Raystede, said: “The five little birds were very cold and hungry; it’s amazing that they survived. The first 48 hours were critical, but all five have made it and they’re all eating well. They will now be looked after by us until they are ready to fledge, and will be released here in Raystede’s 45 acres. As Great Tits tend not to migrate, at just a few days old, they’ve already made the longest journey of their lifetime.”

Richard Skinner, commercial director at Chandlers Building Supplies, said: “It’s certainly something you don’t expect to find in a delivery. It’s lucky that we have Raystede next to our Ringmer branch and we’re pleased that the chicks are doing well.”