Baxi Heating has set up a special applications team in response to UK government targets, which aim to increase the number of homes connected to the heat network to 18% by 2030.

The new team has been formed from the Heatrae Sadia Special Applications Sales Team, which will now have a wider area of responsibility to include each of Baxi’s commercial brands and the newly-acquired Packaged Plant Solutions.

Heat networks have become an increasingly important part of the government’s plans to reduce carbon emissions over the next decade, providing a cost-effective and achievable way of meeting its carbon goals.

The planned growth will include both single and multiple occupancy buildings, using a central plant room and individual heat interface units for each property.

Baxi Heating is in a unique position to help the government meet its targets, due to its ability to combine portfolios to address the specification requirements for its customers.

The special applications team will be headed up by Ian Lock, former general manager for Heatrae Sadia Special Applications, who has been appointed as business development director for the new team, and will ensure that Baxi Heating provides one customer-facing team for specifiers and key influencers.

Ian said: “The government has set ambitious targets to grow the use of heat networks across the UK, and with access to so many brands and so much technical knowledge, Baxi Heating is able to provide a complete solution.

“By drawing on resources and products across the Baxi brands, we will be able to provide a one-stop solution for any customers looking to establish, or work within, a heat network, and enable the government to make great strides towards meeting its upcoming carbon targets.”