CMDi in partnership with eCommonSense has launched a builders’ merchants e-transformation programme.

The strategic brand and marketing agency for the built environment, CMDi has partnered with builders’ merchants website specialists eCommonSense to develop E-Merchant Accelerator – a cost-effective digital change programme designed specifically for merchants to help them switch to digital trading and marketing.

CMDi's Managing Director, Dianne Lucas explains: “Today’s digital-savvy buyers demand the convenience online services bring; if merchants aren’t e-relevant they risk becoming irrelevant.”

E-Merchant Accelerator makes it easy for builders’ merchants to make the switch by integrating two essential and complementary services: an eCommerce trading platform (from eCommonSense) and a marketing strategy (from CMDi) to maximise investment in the platform.

The eCommerce website enables merchants to offer the online services their customers demand through an online trading platform which integrates seamlessly with their back office.

The e-merchant strategy maximises investment in the website trading platform, with a complete digital marketing and communication strategy: from brand and customer experience review to a full digital and offline marketing toolkit.

The programme is modular and designed to suit digital requirements and budgets precisely.

“Whatever stage of digital transformation a merchant business may be at,” says eCommonSense Managing Director Andy Scothern, “E-Merchant Accelerator will get you there faster.”

E-Merchant Accelerator is supported by the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF). CEO John Newcomb describes the programme as “a vital tool to help our members get future fit fast”.