The heating system of All Saints’ Church in Eaglescliffe, Preston-on-Tees has been protected with a BoilerMag XT industrial filter.

Installed by Nigel Stoves Plumbing & Heating Ltd, this large heating system filter is a key part of a complete new boiler installation located in the church bell tower.

Matthew Stoves, Heating Engineer at Nigel Stoves Plumbing & Heating Ltd said: “We always use BoilerMag filters on our commercial heating and boiler installations due to price and quality. The filters are set up nicely for easy installation with flanges or female irons, and the price, in comparison to other filters on the market, is extremely competitive.”

All Saints’ Preston-on-Tees is a lively Anglican church in Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees, in the Diocese of Durham. The nave, chapel and vestry of the church was built in 1903, and the bell tower and spire were added in 1959. It is within the church’s bell tower that the new boiler resides, protected by the BoilerMag XT heating system filter.

“We installed the BoilerMag XT to prevent the build-up of ferrous oxide in the church’s heating system, and to protect the life expectancy of the new boiler. The addition of a boiler filter to this system will also reduce energy bills for the church, and is very easy to maintain.”

Founded in 1984, Nigel Stoves Plumbing & Heating Ltd is a family run business comprising of Nigel Stoves, and his two sons Matthew and Kristopher. Previously awarded the accolade of North of England Plumber of the Year, the Stockton-on-Tees based plumbing and heating firm specialises in both domestic and commercial plumbing and heating systems.

Although designed and developed by filtration experts Eclipse Magnetics, the BoilerMag range of heating protection products is now marketed under the world renowned Spear and Jackson brand name. Both Spear & Jackson and Eclipse Magnetics are part of the Spear and Jackson Group, therefore the BoilerMag range not only benefits from the expertise of innovative magnetic filtration technology, it also carries the strength and heritage of the Spear & Jackson name.

Ideal for large heating systems, Boilermag XT utilises high performance flow technology to ensure that virtually 100% of unwanted debris is removed from the heating system. This helps to reduce energy bills, increase the life of the boiler, and reduce maintenance call outs.

The BoilerMag XT is available in sizes 2” to 12”, and has an operating pressure of up to 12 bar. It also comes with a 10 year warranty. To find out more about the BoilerMag range of heating system filters, please visit, call us on 0114 225 0624, or email