Domestic heating system filter Boilermag has celebrated its third anniversary, hailing year-on-year sales growth.

Boilermag’s manufacturer, Eclipse Magnetics, says the product has retained its first class performance integrity in a market that has been flooded by competitor products.

The system filter is said to have the largest magnetic core of any system filter on the market – nearly twice the volume of its nearest competitor according to Eclipse Magnetics - with a patented magnetic core made from Neodymium, the most powerful magnetic material type in the world.

As well as having the largest dirt collection capacity of any system filter according to its manufacturer, the product captures both magnetic and non-magnetic debris circulating in the heating system, and offers a dual flow design that filters the circulating water twice on each pass in order to maximise exposure to the magnetic core.

A 360 degree adjustment capability has been factored into the design to make the product easy to install.