Bond It has strengthened its offer to the decorating market.

The business, which is a major manufacturer of sealants, adhesives, building chemicals and other products, has made several significant additions to its specialist decorator’s range.

Aimed at both the professional and DIY user, the Bond It decorator’s range already includes products like caulks, fillers, specialist sealants and adhesives, dust sheets and self-adhesive floor protection films.

Following Bond It’s latest introductions, the range will now also include a one part ready mixed wood filler, a two part wood filler consisting of a filler and a hardener, a low odour, organic white spirit, an enhanced B2 rated polyurethane foam, multi-wipes in tubs and a new multi-wipe spray.

Commenting, Kirstie Cooper, marketing manager at Bond It, says: “Bond It is committed to meeting the needs of the trade in the widest range of areas and as a result we are highly active in terms of new product research and development.

“The recent introduction of a number of new products to our decorator’s range reflects this. It also opens up new opportunities for stockists and end-users alike to benefit from our focus on high quality, UK-based manufacturing.”

Each of the new Bond It decorator’s range products offers its own specific benefits.

The manufacturer’s new wood fillers for example offer impressive versatility.  As they are waterproof, both the one part and two part versions can be used on interior and exterior surfaces such as window sills, window frames, bannisters, laminate flooring and much more. They are also available in a choice of three colours (pine, white and light oak) and, once cured, can be stained, painted, varnished or dyed.

In addition, the new wood fillers are solvent-free, low odour and non-flammable and will flex with the natural movement of wood.

Similarly, Bond It’s new white spirit is manufactured to the highest standards including those demanded by BS 245 Type A. A low odour, organic solvent, it is suitable for general cleaning, brush cleaning and paint thinning. In fact, it is particularly suited to paint thinning as, unlike other solvents, it will not affect the drying time of oil-based paints.

Bond It’s re-introduced B2 polyurethane foam meanwhile is now available in both gun and aerosol versions and benefits from new packaging which helps to simplify product selection. Fast setting with good bond strength, it is also highly versatile and can be used for bonding, filling, sealing and insulating most common construction materials. After curing, it delivers excellent temperature and sound insulation properties.

Finally, Bond It’s new tubs of 300 multi-wipes and new multi-wipe spray both enable users to easily clean and sanitise hands, tools and surfaces with no need for water, towels or cloths. They are effective in removing uncured polyurethane foam, paint, silicone, adhesive, bitumen, grease, oil, ink and grime. They also benefit from a powerful anti-bacterial formula and contain aloe vera to help prevent skin irritation.

Summing up, Kirstie adds: “Sustained investment into our manufacturing and laboratory facilities coupled with our considerable expertise means Bond It is better placed than ever to extend our product range.

“The launch of our new decorator’s products will be closely followed by other introductions as we seek to build on our success and growth as well as the increasing popularity of the Bond It brand.”