Bond It, one of the UK’s fastest growing manufacturers of sealants, adhesives, waterproofing products and other building chemicals, has made another new addition to its range.

To help trade and DIY customers create tiled surfaces that look better for longer, the business has just introduced a new black mould beating grout.

Sold under the brand name Steri-Grout, the new product is available in five different colours and features a powerful yet safe fungicide.

Kirstie Cooper, marketing manager at Bond It, explains: “Black mould is an ever-present problem, especially in bathrooms, for property dwellers up and down the UK.

“This organic growth - which thrives in high humidity, warm environments - is not only unsightly but can also give off an unpleasant musty smell and even contribute to health problems such as respiratory issues, allergies and asthma.

“In line with Bond It’s focus on offering value-adding products, we wanted to extend our range with a grout that could tackle the problem of black mould head-on. Steri-Grout is the result.”

Available in 3 and 10kg bags, Steri-Grout also offers a number of other, attractive benefits beyond its bug-beating performance.

Its versatile formulation makes it suitable for both floor and wall applications as well as for internal or external tiled surfaces. It can also fill joints ranging from 2mm up to 20mm.

Impressive ease of use is another major benefit. Steri-Grout has been formulated to be slump-free and flexible as well as capable of filling even deep joints in just one application.

Bond It points out that its new Steri-Grout also enjoys the perfect partner in the shape of its existing ‘The Gist’ product.

This all-purpose silicone sealant employs an equally powerful fungicide enabling it to remain mould-resistant for 10 years. It is also available in the same five colours as Steri-Grout making the two products the ideal combination for tiling jobs where colour uniformity is key.

Kirstie Cooper adds: “As a business, Bond It combines significant manufacturing expertise with a real passion for new product development. Thanks to these attributes, we already offer products that cater for the widest range of needs and that frequently enable users to enjoy new and performance enhancing innovations. With the launch of Steri-Grout, we’re hoping to add to that track record.”