When you need to visit multiple worksites in one day, you need equipment that is fast and easy to set up, take down and transfer from one location to another.

The ultimate upgrade for your jobsite, work space or work shop, the Bora Speedhorse takes just 1.6 seconds to set up, saving precious time so you can work faster and complete jobs more efficiently.

Designed for flexibility in a wide range of environments the Bora Speedhorse is built to withstand the heaviest of projects, able to bear weight up to 680kg (1500lb)

The Bora Speedhorse offers a whole host of beneficial features once in use too, including a longer beam for a wider support area and leg supports that can be flipped out to take the weight of boards, doors plywood and other sheet material.

A pre-drilled beam enables a sacrificial surface timber to be easily secured, while the Speedhorse itself stands at a graceful 2.5ft (76cm), so it won’t break your back. And when the job is finished simply pull the lever and fold the legs up – in any order.

For more information, call 0121 705 7987 or visit www.brianhyde.co.uk.