OCKHAM: Camouflage netting, top-secret ammunition crates and subdued lighting all gave the Nailgun Liberation campaign, from Stanley Bostitch at Ockham last week, a subversive feel.

Therefore it came as little surprise that the key message was about breaking the rules, about giving the customer the freedom to choose, and the merchant the freedom to sell.

As most gas nailers are only under warranty if used with the manufacturer’s own nails and gas, Stanley Bostitch is promoting its range as under warranty for two years with any compatible brand for these accessories. Further, the companys own gas and nails can be sold separately as well as bundled.

Stanley Bostitch is well-known for it’s pneumatic tools, and has taken its time entering the cordless gas nailer market because, according to the company, it has taken time to develop and test the products to as high a quality as possible, hence the two year warranty rather than just one.

Products in the range include a framing nailer, a 16 gauge straight finish nailer and an 18 gauge brad nailer. Full product information and marketing materials are provided, including bus stop signs for existing toolbars.