Stelrad has launched its new brand specialists team. Initially nine strong, the team comprises individuals whose role is to meet merchant branch staff and installers to introduce new products and new concepts for the use of radiators to the people who are at the sharp end of the business.

In addition, they will be able to show installers the tools of the trade that Stelrad makes available to installers – including access to the STARS radiator sizing and heat loss calculator software that is free to download from the Stelrad website.

“We are very successful at selling our products to the larger contractors across the UK, but there are still smaller companies and one man band heating businesses that are unsure whether they can afford the quality branded options in the marketplace,” said Stelrad marketing manager Chris Harvey.

“The role of the new team will be to show these installers working for smaller firms that Stelrad products are just as accessible to them as to the larger companies. They can have equal access to branded products and Stelrad quality – and their customers can benefit from all the benefits that come with working with Stelrad and the purchasing of quality branded products at affordable prices. Importantly, they can receive the same support and back up that larger companies get when selecting and installing Stelrad products.”