A masonry protection cream from Safeguard Europe has been granted ‘verified’ status by the Energy Saving Trust for its contribution to improving the energy performance of buildings.

The Energy Saving Trust’s verification scheme provides independent evaluation of performance for energy-efficient products. After considering peer-reviewed scientific papers and the results of extensive long-term testing, the EST awarded the accreditation to Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream, for its claims to enhance thermal performance of masonry walls.

According to tests conducted on solid wall constructions by the University of Portsmouth, Stormdry treatment of masonry can provide energy savings of up to 29%. It does this by providing a high-level of water repellency, preventing rain penetration of brickwork and keeping walls dry. Bricks have twice the thermal resistance when dry than when wet, making them insulate more effectively.

The EST arrived at the following conclusions from its evidence review: dry masonry has a lower thermal transmittance than wet; Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream reduces heat loss through masonry while inhibiting the absorption of water into sandstone, concrete, mortar and bricks, and after application, it allows for wet bricks to dry out completely.

The proof of its longevity was seen in accelerated ageing tests conducted as part of its certification by the British Board of Agrément (BBA). Other performance criteria considered by the BBA included: water repellency, condensation risk, freeze/ thaw resistance and UV resistance. The BBA also found that Stormdry resists the uptake of water into masonry substrates, without increasing the risk of condensation, while resisting both the effects of both freeze/thaw cycling and UV light.