Hertfordshire-based builders’ merchant Brookers is celebrating 15 years of successful partnership with National Buying Group, just as five new Partners come on board.

Brookers is a family-owned trio of builders merchants and homeware stores which have been operating in Hitchin and Stevenage for over 100 years.

According to Director Doug Brooker becoming a Partner of National Buying Group, back in July 2008, was transformative for the business. He explained: “Previously, we had been part of another buying group which we joined specifically to get support with our plumbing and heavyside offerings.

“But they weren’t really meeting our expectations. National Buying Group was highly recommended, so we decided to check them out.

“As soon as we joined, we started getting the support we were after, and it’s not stopped. All of us need information or guidance from someone who has ‘been there, done that.’ At NBG – no matter the query, whether you’re looking to buy a new forklift or expand your product lines – you can just put out the call and somebody will be able to help you.

“Back in lockdown, just having someone to call and talk through what was going on with the business was really helpful,” Doug added. “Knowing that someone else was having the same troubles and figuring out the same solutions as you made a big difference. It’s really just another example of the culture; you pick up the phone and someone is happy to talk and ready to help.”

Reflecting on the 15-year partnership from NBG’s perspective. Nick Oates, Managing Director of NBG said: “Brookers have been incredible as NBG Partners, really going above and beyond to share their expertise with other Partners who are considering expanding into painting and decorating.

“It’s been great to see them grow as a business and be instrumental in the success of other merchants. We’re very happy to celebrate this anniversary with them and look forward to what the future holds.”

The five new Partners to join the buying group include two new London-based merchants: Floyds Builders Merchant in South East London, a general merchant with a specialism in steel, and timber specialist T Chambers and Son, based in Romford.

In addition, Darlaston Builders Merchants, near Walsall, and Paget Builders Merchants, in Sheffield, join along with Marcliff Plumbing and Heating Supplies based in Bristol.

Managing Director Nick Oates says that discussions with even more potential recruits continue apace. He explained: “We stated a few months ago that our pipeline of potential new Partners was historically strong. We have now begun delivering on that potential with five new Partners bringing a diverse range of specialisms to the group.

“But we’re not stopping here, the pipeline remains strong and we’re confident that we will be making further announcements in the coming weeks and months.”