Independent Welsh builders' merchant LBS has seen sales of SterlingOSB increase as a direct result of Norbord's recent promotional campaign.

"All our customers are potentially in the market for OSB, so we have had plenty of opportunity to increase sales," said LBS sales manager, Robert Cockburn.

LBS participated in the campaign throughout April and May this year, using promotional material supplied by Norbord.

"Norbord supplied us with 4,000 leaflets, which we posted out in our April monthly account statements," said Mr Cockburn. "Norbord's area sales manager also visited all of our branches and provided the internal staff with point-of-sale and product literature," he adds.

LBS builders' merchant is one of the UK's largest independent suppliers of building materials, with 14 outlets located throughout South-West Wales. With its head office in Llandeilo, LBS operates 10 merchant branches, a Home Centre and specialist civil engineering and roofing businesses. The company has branches from Maesteg in the east to Cardigan in the west, offering a same-day/next-day delivery service across the whole of South-West Wales.

The aim of the Norbord SterlingOSB campaign is to give merchant staff a better knowledge of the versatility and suitability of SterlingOSB for numerous building applications. Armed with this knowledge, staff can talk to customers about the advantages of using SterlingOSB in place of more traditional products and, in particular, softwood ply.

According to Mr Cockburn, customers have responded positively to the campaign: "We’ve had a good, positive response with increased sales throughout the business," he confirmed. "We've enjoyed a significant increase in SterlingOSB sales compared with this time last year."

LBS intends to continue its work to promote sales of SterlingOSB with ongoing product training for its sales staff.