Bond It, which ranks as one of the UK’s fastest growing manufacturers of building chemicals, fully acknowledge their responsibility to protect natural resources, to minimise waste sent to landfill and to reduce their carbon footprint.

This year, the Group will focus on waste segregation and recycling to reduce the quantity of waste sent to landfill. They have set a target and will continue to manage their resources to minimise impact on the wider environment as part of their sustainability agenda.

With accreditation to ISO 14001 and a fully implemented Environmental  Management System their focus this year is to review their packaging portfolio and are making steps to increase the sustainability of packaging across the core product range. The target is to reduce their use of virgin plastic for tubbed materials as phase 1, which will be seen throughout their flooring and tiling products ranges.

As the material is made of recycled plastic the new "greener" tubs and lids are easily identifiable by their grey colour. The new tubs are manufactured using a minimum content of 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic which is high density polyethylene plastic.

The materials have been tested rigorously to ensure there are no performance issues and are confident that storage, usability and durability of their products will be unaffected. They will continue to source new greener packs across the ranges, where possible, and work alongside suppliers who are developing solutions that will increase PCR content and drive down usage of virgin plastic in throw-away packaging.

They  are also conducting extensive research in to the chemistry of their product portfolio to identify safer and greener products to replace traditional compounds that go in to the manufacturing processes. As part of their  long-term sustainability programme Bond It are aiming to make their products both safer for the user as well as kinder for the planet. The latest “sustainable” addition to the range is a waterbased contact adhesive. With all the benefits of traditional solvent-based contact adhesives but without any of the hazards related to solvented formulations. Available in 5L recycled containers, this is the perfect alternative for sensitive installations where odours and flammability can cause issues for applicators.

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