Drawing on the company's own experience, Elliott examines the reasons why employers might decide to create a prayer room in the workplace.

An increasing number of companies are making greater efforts towards inclusivity in their workplaces.

One way of doing this is making space for employees to feel comfortable practising their religion. Elliott is one of only three of the top seven temporary building companies in the UK to offer prayer rooms to its staff,

Prayer rooms are an accepted sight in airports and hospitals, but creating such spaces in the workplace can present several advantages to employers and employees. 

  1. They can make employees feel safe
    We believe that the inclusion of prayer rooms can help members of staff who are religious feel more comfortable and understood at work, by providing somewhere for them to practise their religion comfortably and peacefully.
  2. It can open up more opportunity
    Creating a space where employees can go to pray or meditate means that they won't need to leave work in order to practice. If religion is a big part of a person's life, they may not feel that they are able to take on certain, more demanding roles that may prevent them from leaving the workplace to practice their faith. This means that both employees and employers can miss out.
  3. They can become a place for anyone to reflect
    We believe that prayer rooms don't specifically need to be for those that follow a religion, but can be a calm and quiet place where any employee can take time out of their day to meditate, reflect on their problems, or make decisions. Many employees might find that other places of work are too crowded or busy to allow for moments where they need to think.
  4. Prayer rooms can offer respite from a busy day
    Sometimes, we all need a break. As many employers are making a big effort to help look after their employees’ mental health and wellbeing, it would make sense to offer a place where they can relax and maybe meditate. Workplaces can be stressful environments, and places to have a mental break can help keep employees happy and productive.
  5. Encouraging openness in the workplace
    The addition of a prayer room may open up kind and understanding conversations about religion in the workplace, and allow employees the chance to discuss their religion with others or even encourage them to feel comfortable practising their religion at work. No one deserves to feel like they can't be themselves, and that they have to keep their own thoughts and beliefs to themselves in a place that they will spend a lot of their time.