Consumers are more likely to spend disposable income on ambitious house moves or home renovations.

With house prices rocketing and buyers increasingly seeking properties with landscaped gardens, building professionals are being urged to use the latest visualiser technology to deliver aesthetically-striking projects.  

UK house prices soared 10.9% in the year to May, according to the Nationwide[1], with the most significant factor being a preference for larger homes and garden spaces. This echoes a recent study from Post Office Money, which in a poll of homeowners found that garden landscaping was the most profitable home improvement in terms of adding value to a property[2].

Combined with the fact that large expenses such as foreign holidays are set to remain at a minimal level this summer, it suggests consumers are more likely to spend disposable income on ambitious house moves or home renovations[3].

This presents an opportunity to building professionals, who are being urged to take advantage of this trend and promote the benefits of a well landscaped garden. Visualiser tools can help landscapers to stand out from the crowd by showcasing creative ideas and bringing designs to life.

Darren Crane, National Sales Manager Independent Merchants & Buying Groups at ACO Water Management, said: “These latest figures support something that we have been seeing for a while now. People expect more from their gardens than ever before – it is increasingly an extension of their home that can be tailored to meet whatever demands they might have.

“From a drainage perspective, this has meant a real drive towards products that not only perform their water management function, but look great too. This is where tools such as our visualiser are vital, helping to demonstrate how the latest water management technology can be incorporated into eye-catching designs.”

Getting to grips with the latest trends will help to further distinguish landscapers and building professionals. .

“The home renovation boom is not slowing down, and the evidence suggests that landscaping projects are only going to increase in popularity," said Crane. "Building professionals have an opportunity to highlight to their customers the value that a well-designed garden can add to a home, and using visualisers to demonstrate the latest design trends is an important tool at their disposal.”