Franke Washroom Systems, also known as Franke Sissons, Chesterfield, is one of the first manufacturers to conform to the latest round of CE compliance legislation.

The new regulations require all manufacturers to provide a declaration of performance and supply CE marking on every product covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN) and European Assessment Document (EAD).

Every product that Franke Washroom Systems sells that falls under a hEN is compliant, and the company supports the efforts to ensure that all products supplied bearing the CE mark have a traceability on performance, manufacture and quality, which will give greater confidence to the contractor and final consumer.

Managing director Andy Dukelow said: "Too often the product specification is set on a build project and at the last call, sub-standard, un-marked components are supplied in the final build process. It is vital for the final user and ultimately the tax payer that there will be a policing of the major units and smaller components used in bathroom and washroom installation to ensure that the required CE marked product is what actually gets installed."

All Franke Washroom Systems products, including the company's new full 4-litre flush stainless steel WCs, meet or exceed the hENs. This includes WC pans and suites – including wash basins, kitchen sinks and wall-hung urinals – WC and urinal flushing cisterns, sanitary appliances and their communal washing troughs.

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