The company has announced major investment in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology for its six digital superstores.

Joining forces with Peak, a pioneer of AI technology, the online builders’ merchant will use AI technology to provide a hyper-personalised experience for customers on its websites.

Peak’s Customer AI solution will provide predictive recommendations by learning from customers’ interactions with the websites. This personalised experience helps connect customers with the products they are most likely to need, making the navigation of the catalogue of products much easier.

Ben Hodson, Marketing Director of, commented: "We are known as a positive disruptor in what has been a traditional sector, and this latest investment marks our continued commitment to keeping customers at the heart of our business and using exciting new technology to deliver real benefits to them.

"With over 75,000 products across our six superstores, many that are used in conjunction with others in tasks or projects, the introduction of tailored recommendations for all users, based on their usage of the site, will further enhance the customer's experience on our websites.

"The developments will enable customers to find exactly what they need more swiftly, as well as reminding them of any associated products they may have forgotten," he added.

Andy Dunkley, CEO of, added: "We are proud to be the only builders' merchant adopting AI in this way. Partnering with an AI leader like Peak is ground-breaking for the construction materials sector and will deliver clear benefits both to our customers and to our business."

Richard Potter, CEO of Peak, said: “Online traders have a huge opportunity to build stronger relationships with their customers. The use of data and AI is a key enabler for them in delivering a hyper-personalised service that ensures customers always find the right product at the right time for them. is taking an industry-leading approach to drive forward innovative new marketing methods to engage with customers in the optimal way.

“Peak is thrilled to play such a key part in’s AI journey as the business looks to positively disrupt its market and lead the next generation of AI-driven online traders. We can’t wait to see the results that our AI System brings to both the business and its customers alike.”